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Gecnawan Creation


  • An alien spacecraft arrives in Earth orbit in the year CE 457 and blankets the globe with data collectors. In Britannia, Angle chieftain Icel, his daughter Elfleda and their cohort of warriors see a shooting star strike a grove of trees. Racing to "the steorra," they find themselves facing their own twins. 
  • A teenage girl awakens in a Chicago alley, dressed in the clothes of a street person.  She has no memory of how she got there or even who she is.  Somehow, though, she is sure of two things.  She is not homeless and her mother is in grave danger.  As she searches for her identity, she discovers she has special abilities.  She also realizes she’s being followed.
  • Christopher, the story's narrator, moves to Canon City, Colorado.  Up until now, his life has not gone well. He is blind in one eye and still recovering from rheumatic fever. Though smart, he is a poor student. He is also somewhat of a loner, a result of having moved every two or three years of his life. In Canon, Chris befriends Lance, a Tom Sawyer-like boy with none of Chris’s failings and an unerring ability to get into trouble.
  • In a series of interwoven chapters filled with murder, conquest, disaster, trickery and adventure, the characters find themselves thrown together and pitted against one another.  In the end, they will face the ultimate test of their principles and their courage—with millions of lives hanging in the balance.

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Audio Gecnawan Glossary

In truth, no one knows exactly what Old English sounded like.  In my research, I noticed that scholars do not even agree on the spelling and usage of many Old English words, let alone their pronunciation.  My best guess is that, being a Germanic language, the closest pronunciations would apply modern German rules.  In the linked YouTube video, Dr. Colleen Silva applies German pronunciations to the Old English found in Gecnawan Creation.  


ceol — The alien spaceship carrying and powering the steorran.
dold — (disparaging) A human.
Eard — 1. The planet Earth.  2. The real world outside the steorra.
faesten — A fortress.
firas — A human.
forma firas — A human copied by a steorra and having a Gecnawan twin.
gast (pl. gastas) — 1. A ghost or spirit.  2. (disparaging) A Gecnawan. 

gast cyning — 1. Ghost king.  2. (disparaging) Icel the Second.
Gecnawan — 1. To know someone.  2. To understand.  3. The steorran copies of the forma firas.
heolstor — 1. A hiding place.  2. The virtual world inside a steorra.
steorra(pl. steorran)1. A star.  2. The collectors brought by the ceol.
Waeccan — 1. To watch.  2. A firas who performs tasks for the Gecnawan. 

Fremont Peak plays a big role in Gecnawan Creation.  Here are some photos of areas that appear in the story.


Other Novels

  • I am currently writing Gecnawan Destruction.  In the meantime, I highly recommend the Sinisters young adult fantasy series by Colleen Fleshman. You can read samples of The Sinisters and Occulta by clicking on the following Amazon links.

The Sinisters

Book by Colleen Fleshman.

Being left-handed means choosing what's right. Matt Reynolds thought he  was ordinary. But on the day he turns sixteen, he learns he's part of a  select group of left handers, called sinisters, chosen to protect the  world from evil. When Matt reluctantly agrees to join the fight, he's  given a task: find out what one of the most powerful businessmen in  Matt's hometown is doing, and stop him. With the help of a few new friends, Matt begins to unravel the man's secrets, but it only leads to  more questions. What's going on behind the doors of the man's office? Is  he even the bad guy here? And should you ever really trust the devil?  Even as Matt struggles to master his new powers, he finds himself in a race against time to discover the truth before someone stops him. When the lines between good and evil begin to blur, will Matt's new powers be  enough to save him?



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The old myth is true: left-handedness really is a sign of the devil—and Matt is one of the devil's agents. After a hectic few weeks learning to master his new powers and stopping a murderer, all he wants to do is win the high school soccer playoffs. When he stumbles across a Wiccan group meeting in his school's basement, though, he quickly realizes there's more than meets the eye. As bizarre weather plagues Madison,  Matt must uncover the group's true purpose—before his city is destroyed.